Tik Toks Ideal body makes starving a hobby

Eureka secondary school
Health and Wellbeing
TikToks ideal body makes starving a hobby is a project made by a group of teenagers that all found a common problem with TikTok. We had all been negatively affected by certain trends, videos and comments on TikTok. As we carried out our research, we found that TikTok is projecting an unhealthy beauty standard with trends like ‘small waist challenge’ and promoting eating disorders with trends like ‘eating disorder check’ and promoting dangerous diets for growing teens. We feel that if this isn't addressed and stopped urgently, problems with teenager's mental health and eating disorders will rise so that’s why we’ve created this project, to put an end to TikTok’s ideal body.


Well Done! (Posted 2021-04-14 09:27:03)

Very powerful Speak Out Video on an issue, well done!

By: Eileen Costello Rawat
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